Repertoire for 2017

Class Repertoire for 2017

All excerpts are in the Stadio or will be in the camp booklet received upon arrival. All solos and etudes are available from TD at The Music Source 

This is just a start there is MORE to come on these lists so please check back.

Fei Xie:

1) Herzberg Scale and Long tone routine

2) Figaro, Tchaik 4, Rite of Spring, Bartok Concerto for orchestra, Sibelius 2, Beethoven 9, Maybe Shostakovich 10 for 2 bassoons and contra?

3) Some solo French pieces: Saint-Saens sonata, Bitsch, Dutilleux.

Bill Ludwig:

1) breathing, support and the flexibility of the system for the musical gesture.

2) embouchure/voicing relationships with development and use for color, intonation, and dynamic control and

3) approaches to practicing/developing Milde Scale and Concert etudes.

Mike Sweeney:

1) “Mozart-Bassoon-Concerto-Dog-and-Pony-Show.”

2) Excerpts:  Bolero,  Beethoven 4,  Scheherazade,  Tchaikovsky-5,  Alborada,  Shostakovich 7 and 9,  Verdi Requiem

Loren Glickman:

  1.  Monday, May 29th 7:30pm
    Beethoven – Symphony #8 Stadio pg. 23
    Bizet – Carmen Stadio pg. 119
    Mozart – Quintet Stadio pg. 10
  2.  Wednesday. May 31 10am
    Haydn – Symphony in G Stadio pg.3
    Beethoven – Symphony #7 Stadio pg.28
    Rossini – Barber of Seville Stadio pg. 42
  3.  Thursday, June 1 10am
    Mozart – Piano Concerto in G Camp book
    Pergolesi/Stravinsky – Pulcinella Suite Stadio pg. 79
    Schumann – Symphony #1 Stadio pg. 92
    Verdi – Aida Stadio pg. 50
  4. Monday, June 5 10am
    Beethoven – Quintet Stadio pg. 27
    Strauss – Heldenleben Camp Book
    Dukas – Sorcerer’s Apprentice Camp Book
  5. Wednesday, June 7 10am
    Schubert – Octet Stadio pg. 90
    Schumann – Symphony #4 Camp Book
    Ravel – Piano Concerto in G Camp Book