Expert Bassoon Repair by Paul Nordby

One of the outstanding features of the Glickman-Popkin Bassoon Camp is the expert bassoon maintenance provided at no additional cost to full time campers by Paul Nordby. Some of Paul’s clients are premiere bassoonists of the world from orchestras such as the Indianapolis Symphony, the Chicago Symphony, Indiana University, the Detroit Symphony, and many, many others. His client list is a “who’s who” of the bassoon world.

He is very meticulous in his work, and takes great pride in the finished product. His forte is the total restoration of vintage Heckel Bassoons, especially the 6000-9000 series. He adds High E, D and appropriate rollers (not at camp of course),  plus any other keys the customer wishes.Nordby4

Paul Nordby is the owner and founder of Paul Nordby Bassoon Repair, LLC, out of Indianapolis, Indiana. This is where Paul makes the bassoon magic happen, and you are more than welcome to call him to schedule a repair if your bassoon is in need of adjusting, or if you need a bassoon restored or updated. He is capable of any job including, but not limited to, key-plating, creation of new keys, full or partial restoration of old bassoons, full overhauls, and everything in between. Because he is in such high demand, please call in advance of your planned arrival to make an appointment with Paul at 317-841-9722.

Paul Nordby Bassoon Repair
3849 Glenview Drive
Indianapolis IN 46240

Paul can also make arrangements for shipping for those outside the Indianapolis area. Paul is also a Fox Bassoon dealer, and he adjusts every new Fox Bassoon to his exact specifications.

Paul Nordby is known worldwide for his great talent and artistry in the field of restoration of vintage Heckel bassoons. He is exacting in his craftsmanship and is adamant about increasing and maintaining the exceptional quality of his work. He apprenticed and worked alongside master craftsman Jim Laslie for many years. We who have experienced Jim’s work at Camp have been extremely fortunate to have had him working on our bassoons in years past, and we are delighted that Paul continues and extends Jim’s fine legacy of expert craftsmanship in residence.

The Glickman-Popkin Bassoon Camp is grateful to have such a long-standing relationship with this talented artisan. Many times, the work Paul provides for your bassoon alone is worth the entire cost of camp! Please note, repairs are provided only to full session campers, unless you make prior arrangements with Paul yourself.

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