Virtual Camp 2020

Virtual Glickman Popkin Bassoon Camp 2020

Welcome to the opening day of the GPBC 2020 virtual camp. For the first time since the origin of the annual Glickman Popkin Bassoon Camp we have a summer without the usual congregation of bassoons atop the mountain at Wildacres, N.C. resulting from the coronavirus lockdown. There are many of us, particularly those who have been attending this camp for decades, feeling this quite a loss come this Memorial Day. For those of you we offer a virtual camp as outlined above with a rather arbitrary selection of camp videos, inviting you to enjoy a cup of coffee and a bit of nostalgia. Selections have been made to give an overview of the camp with more emphasis on earlier years from 2005 forward. For our ‘old times’ special attempt has been made to include a couple of final concerts that feature opera spoofs by Harold Wevers which for a brief time were a feature of the camp’s closing GALA. Check in daily for uploads!


Virtual Camp Day 1
Arrivals, 2008


First evening of Glickman Popkin Bassoon Camp, 2008. Introduction to Wildacres and first master class with Loren Glickman.

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13 Responses to Virtual Camp 2020

  1. Jarrett Rodriguez says:

    I hope everyone enjoys this!

  2. Charles Gragg says:


  3. Frank Watson says:

    Most enjoyable cup of coffee since corona rap started. The energy of Loren is amazing! 2 hours of intense work, constant teaching, encouragement. Thanks! Looking forward to more.

  4. Don Keddie says:

    Love seeing so many familiar faces. This brings back great memories!

  5. Ryan Murray says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these. I haven’t been able to attend in many years and this brings back such great memories!!!

  6. Laird Popkin says:

    Wow, I love hearing the happy ambient sounds of Bassoon Camp and seeing all the familiar faces! I’ll sleep well tonight!

  7. Doug Moran says:

    Great! Who ARE all of these young people?

  8. Brenda Balazs-Reylek says:

    Oh My Goodness! Mel! <3

  9. Tom Fleming says:

    Lots of familiar faces, love it!

  10. Richard Murry says:

    This video of Loren’s teaching is great review of his musicianship and mentoring. I have missed his active teaching in recent years and many younger campers never got the opportunity to experience his classes. It is wonderful to have the chance to see this recording.

  11. Cassandra Bendickson says:

    LOVED this, thank you!

  12. Janet Lynn Eystad says:

    Thank you for Loren’s Masterclass!

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