Virtual Day 10

This is the end of Virtual Camp 2020 but I hope to see everyone in person on the mountain next year! Our last day closes with a 2010 Loren Glickman class  and 2005 Gala. What an awesome way to end virtual camp, with Loren!!

Please think about making a donation to the scholarship fund for access to a selection of Mark Popkin and Loren Glickman camp footage! Click here to donate

2 Responses to Virtual Day 10

  1. Richard Murry says:

    Wonderful Masterclass with Loren. All of the class videos were great for this virtual camp. The 2005 Gala concert was wonderful and makes me wish that I had been able to attend that year and all the other years that I was unable to attend. Thanks for posting these videos in this time of pandemic.

  2. Thank you for Loren’s masterclass. Loren and his infamous whip; I was there in 2019 when it was passed to Lenny!

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