Virtual Day 5

Today we’re featuring Charles Ullery’s masterclass from June 11, 2010 followed by the June 7, 2017 Gala. Happy Friday and I hope to see you all on the Zoom Porch Call password 519153

Ullery June 11, 2010

Gala June 7, 2017

3 Responses to Virtual Day 5

  1. Staci says:

    Loved seeing this Gala. I had to leave early that year, and heard all about it later. Leaving camp early sucks!

  2. Richard Murry says:

    What a magnificent Gala. The masterclass by Chuck Ullery was insightful and playful at times. He was not arrogant about his professional career and explained that his chamber orchestral experience was different than playing in a major symphony. His advice about writing down fingerings for special passages and trills was most important guidance for the players.

  3. Janet Lynn Eystad says:

    Thank you for Charles Ullery’s masterclass. Yes, decisions on starting a note – Ta or Da…

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