Virtual Day 8

Today is a real treat, Mark Popkin’s bassoon basics class from 2010. Following that special video we have the June 8, 2016 Gala video.


2 Responses to Virtual Day 8

  1. Frank Watson says:

    My first “exposure” to Mark Popkin was in 1969. I was still a clarinet player, went to a Clarion Wind Quintet masterclass, Bob Listokin was ill and when we all broke up to go to smaller groups I chose, fortunately, to go with Mark because there were few Bassoonists in attendance. Mark’s lecture to us was on double tonguing, and here we are, coming full circle, with Mark teaching double tonguing. I was fortunate to be in attendance at this session, thanks so much for choosing this class.

  2. Janet Lynn Eystad says:

    Thank you for sharing Mark’s masterclass. Many gems inside. could use some vibrato….

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